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"The personal service that you can rely on"

Welcome to “Rick’s Personal Driver Service”

We know how busy you are and how travel time thereby can be an aggravating factor. However, if you can work while traveling, to travel hours hours and combine this contrast, which improves productivity. For receptions and dinners is not a luxury to have a chauffeur at your disposal partly because the price level is more accessible than the certified professional (expensive) chauffeur. When you use RPD’s private driver, you will be driven by one of the most experienced drivers with a spacious driving experience.

Our Service


RPD your private chauffeur service is available 24/7 to transport you to any destination, both at home and abroad.


Some companies are difficult to reach and / or simply do not have enough parking spaces as a result of imposed parking ratio rings. A chauffeur service is a true solution and a safe comfortable solution.


RPD Service for comfortable, safe and efficient transportation to and from hotels, restaurants, businesses and other destinations.

About us

In addition, only the most competitors charge an hourly rate, RPD service offers customers the opportunity to opt for an hourly rate and / or km rate. The hourly rate will be handled within the city, outside the city the customer must select for the km rate. If applicable, redundancy comes on top of the hourly rate (or destination) for customers who appreciate that the driver just waits for a moment.


RPD Service provides transport at a high level for anyone for whom style, safety, comfort and discretion is the norm.

Customer Service

Any questions, complaints or ideas please contact us through email, phone, whatsapp or fill in the contact form. We strive to answer your question as soon as possible.

Corporate clients

For corporate clients, we always go one step further. For structural, logistic services we offer attractive rates and we think along with you.


Rate in region Amsterdam

  • 1 hour(regular)       € 25.-   incl VAT
  • 1 hour(holidays)  € 37,50 incl VAT

Rate outside region Amsterdam

  • Regular days € 1,75 p/km incl VAT
  • On holidays  € 2,50 p/km incl VAT

Wait rates

  • Time rates € 0,35 p/min incl VAT
  • Wait rates € 25.- p/uur incl VAT

"RPD Service offers standard for all its customers an additional insurance for each trip. By the overcrowding accidents are waiting to happen, therefore we drive our customers with the utmost care."


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